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GT 50 M
1 Colour - Manual
GT 90 N
1 Colour
GT 120 N
1 Colour
GT 150 N
1 Colour
1 Colour
GT 120 NXL
1 Colour
1 Colour
GT 90 N
2 Colour
GT 90 N
4 Colour
Sistemas 2-3-4 Colours  
Pad Printing Machine gt90nxl

Pad Printing GT 90 NXL - Extended 1 Colour

- Electropneumatic Pad Printing machine with cup sealed inkwell and Touchscreen.
- Useful surface of extended printing, with permanent anti-evaporation protector, that allows the maintenance of the sector outside the inkwell in good conditions to print after the machine has been stopped.
- Spined cliché system with high register, able to combine colours in many passes.
- Higher productivity and speed thanks to the fast cliché or colour change, in less than a minute.
- Extended printing size up to 140 x 70 Mm
- Production up to 800 Pieces/H in one colour.
- Complete course about Pad Printing and its secrets.
- Prints on irregular surfaces, hot pieces, metal, wood, plastic, glass, etc.


Datos Técnicos

1 Inkwell cup ø 90 Mm
Cicles/Hour Maximum 800
Maximum printing image size: 140 x 70 Mm
Cliché size: 305 Mm x 100 Mm


Cliché Diagram

Cliche Diagram 90nxl

Printing limit of 140 Mm x 70 Mm

The image size overcomes the cup size, that's why the equipment foresees a wetting system that allows to keep the image which is outside the cup ready to be printed.

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