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Pad Printing Division

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Pad Printer Inputs



The Pad


The pad is made in various ways, depending on the product to print and on the size of the image to put on. It has 200 or 300 different varieties, although the spectrum used in the 80 % of the cases is not higher than 100 different models.
As the printing system needs of a mean of transport between the cliché and the piece (the pad), we call this printing system indirect, as well as the offset. The pad durability is high, what allows to use the same pad for different products.You just have to put them in a closed place, to take care of them, where there isn't anything in contact with the printing surface. In case of saving them for a long time, it is not advisable to pack them, just keep them in a clean and dry place. When you want to use them again, you should clean them with Thinner. Do not use Acetone for this process, because the pad is left useless.


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