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Pad Printing Division

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GLP Plants Automatisms Division

Plate Pr 500
8 Cunas
Servo Chain MV4400
10 Cradles
Step by Step SPE
1 Cradles
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Ad-Hoc Devices | Automatic Complementary Systems

Plato Rotativo PR 500 - 8 cunas

Rotative Plate PR 500 - 8 Cradles

Automatic rotative system on model PR 500 plate. It has 8 stations and it is mounted on two axes system for a quick register setting on the product. There is a guaranteed production up to 2000 Pieces/H.

It foresees two free stations, one for the flame and another for the ejector, to be added in the required moment.

It has a quick interchangeable disc change, which allows to place each cradle set in just ten minutes, adjusting only four screws.

This kind of device is advisable for two colour printings if you requiere high productivity.

It can, for example, be combinated with two heads of different colour, getting two colour pieces and a perfect register.

  Plato Rotativo PR 500 - 8 cunas
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