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Pad Printing Division

GLP Plants Automatisms Division

Pad Printing Machines GT90N 1 Color


GT 90 N - 1 Color

- 1 Colour Cup inkwell
- High speed in cliché and
colour change.
- Electropneumatic
- Touchscreen
- Height regulable table
- Max. Printing ø 90 mm



Grupo Tampo arises from the division of the ex-Tampotech, company started in 1994.

Along these years, we have been developing Pad Printers and automatic systems from one to four colours for every kind of products.

Our priority is the client's satisfaction, so apart from the standard equipments, we make bespoke equipments. Nowadays, our company counts with different and varied printing equipment, and other ones for other purposes.

In Pad Printing, all our equipments belong to the new generation, with sealed inkwell. They are divided in standard printing and extended printing, called XL. This last line of Pad Printers has an extraordinary application field, because it combines the virtues of the cup, and the virtues of the protected inkwell. That is why we recommend to surf and get to know our equipments, and you will be able to determine which fits better with your needs. However, you can consult us about it by mail, telling us about what you need.


GLP Automatisms

- Tara Dialing on Carafes
- Printing on Carafes in many colours
- Sealing wax and security label automatic placement.

GLP Automatisms

GT 50 M - Manual :: 1 Color

- 1 Colour Cup Inkwell
- High speed in cliché and colour change
- Totally Manual system

Pad Printing Machine GT50M 1 Color

Pad Printing Inputs

- Inks for every kind of substratum
- Steel sheet clichés engraved or to engrave
- Pads for any kind of printing and piece

Pad Printing Imputs
Las Palmas 2887 - Pompeya (C1437DBA) - C.A.B.A - Argentina - Tel.: (+54) 11 4115.1234 // (+54) 11 4115.4567
GT 90N - 1 Color